POLYOP: Visions from The Polyhedral Plane

Polyop are a live electronic music and audiovisual group from London, formed by Jack Driscoll and Alex Kempton in 2016, and later including Harry Orso and Finlay Macaulay. They have developed an hour long spectacle set in an alternate universe called The Polyhedral Plane.

The show follows the main protagonist (a giant shape-shifting demigod) through the universe after he wakes up on a planet from a deep sleep. He comes across a tribe of nomadic aliens who are harvesting a potent psychoactive crystal from a nearby asteroid field. Taking influence from growing up in the 90's, early 3D graphics, electro, breakbeat, techno and early rave, the music and visuals are performed live on hardware and their custom open source software Hedron.

Polyop have performed at festivals and events such as Peckham Rye Festival, The Lumen Prize and EMF Camp and others across the UK since 2016. They have released music on Nudibranch Records, Tru Thoughts and received support and radio play from BBC Introducing, Worldwide FM, Roy Davis Jr and Rob Luis. Their open source visual software Hedron has become a tool for multiple visual artists across the globe.

Contact details

General enquiries: info@polyop.uk
Jack Driscoll (audio): +44 (0) 7599 662 264
Alex Kempton (visuals): +44 (0) 7450 846 211

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See the press folder for photos, logos, etc.

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